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CV Wallet

CV Wallet is a revolutionary new hiring ecosystem that brings together jobseekers and employers, built using the latest Web3, blockchain and AI technologies.

It combines two key elements. Firstly, a career management app, which jobseekers can download for free, allowing them to embark on a smarter way to take control of their working lives. Secondly, a platform for recruiters, which delivers qualified and verified applicants at the start of the recruitment process, saving time and money so businesses can get straight to the hire.

It needed to launch to market, convince investors to get involved and explain to prospects why its technology will change recruitment forever. In doing so, it needed to land nuanced key messages.

The Challenge

CV Wallet

Helping technology entrepreneurs disrupt the recruitment market with outspoken communications

Sometimes, it’s not what you say, it’s the way you say it. In a world where product hyperbole and technology jargon can fall on deaf ears, an outspoken, down-to-earth and understandable tone can grab attention. Luckily, co-founders Beverly and Richard Collins are full of disarmingly brilliant ideas – and have a track record to take note of.

Simple Insight

Our launch story landed in one of the UK’s top technology titles, along with key recruitment and HR media. This supported CV Wallet as it entered a funding round, exceeding its target and in record time, valuing the start-up at over $7 million. The business is also a finalist in two categories of the National Online Recruitment Awards. Fingers crossed they’ll be winners.


Firstly, we grab attention. We let the voice of the client shine. When they speak, we write. If they pen a LinkedIn piece, we reuse it. We’ve used metaphors about the Wild West to explain the battle between AI and Web3. We’ve “consigned the CV to history.” We’ve told the market that AI is going to “eff up” recruitment. We’ve used unexpected and attention-grabbing language to disrupt trade media, reflecting the disruption CV Wallet’s technology brings to recruitment.

Secondly, we educate the market. Having gained attention, we drip-feed product news to explain the technology detail. It can be complex to the uninitiated, so we land key messages about what it delivers. For example, cutting out 95 per cent of job applications that are unsuitable from the recruitment process at the start (not the end).

Simple Solution

“The Five not 10 team has been a key and invaluable part of our mission to make CV Wallet famous.”

Beverly Collins

Co-founder, CV Wallet

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