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Eastnets exists to help financial institutions update the way they operate to stay secure, ensure compliance and provide faster transactions.

The Challenge


Making a name for an innovative fintech company

It protects against all sorts of threats and illegality: fraud, money laundering, cybercrime. It also ensures banks are compliant with sanctions lists and regulations. These are the things media want to hear about.

Simple Insight

We generate about 15 pieces of coverage per quarter and have placed articles in key titles including The Banker, Fast Company, International Banking Systems Journal, Tech For Good and more.


We have our finger on the pulse of the news agenda, watching out for new sanctions and trends in fraud. We offer commentary on the big issues of the day while creating thought leadership on key topics such as payment compliance, environmental crime and terrorism funding. By talking about the problems Eastnets’ clients face, we can position the brand as the solution.

Simple Solution

“Working with Five not 10 is fantastic. We’ve never had such momentum with our PR and the content is always great. The team has become an asset to the marketing mix. What’s more, they always listen and respond to requests, such as focussing on certain media and topics.”

Dalia Masad

Marketing Manager, Eastnets

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