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Envirotainer ensures lifesaving, temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals are available around the globe. It does so by manufacturing, leasing and maintaining temperature-controlled containers for air transport. It must convince pharmaceutical firms to choose its products, airlines to carry them and logistics firms to handle them.

The Challenge


Helping a cold-chain expert tell a simple story

The star of the story is not the container. It’s the contents and the challenges of transport. Vaccines to stop COVID, insulin to manage diabetes, and the things that stand in their way.

Simple Insight

Eight whitepapers and thought leadership pieces to fuel lead generation. An eye-watering 130 pieces of coverage in just six months, across pharmaceutical, logistics and airline media throughout the world.


We undertake two streams of activity that intertwine. Firstly, a thought leadership content campaign for lead generation that highlights the biggest challenges in cold-chain – and how to solve them. Secondly, media relations that amplifies this content and highlights the real stories inside the containers. This includes the delivery of the billionth COVID vaccine and the action taken to deal with lower air freight capacity than ever.

Simple Solution

“We have a strong story to tell. Our work is crucial – and saves lives. We need to use that to our advantage to increase brand awareness and educate the market. Five not 10 has helped us find simple and effective stories to make an impact.”

Niklas Adamsson

COO, Envirotainer

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