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Epson is a technology innovator and manufacturer. It aims to enrich lives, communities and organisations through sustainable operations and a commitment to efficient, compact and precision technologies.

It’s best known for producing IT peripherals such as multi-function printers, scanners, projectors and other devices that surround us at work, home and in public services. Our challenge is to highlight how the brand can solve some of the most intractable business problems faced by leaders across EMEA. From sustainability to low productivity.

The Challenge


Peripherals are no longer peripheral. The way a single printer works might not make much difference on its own, but multiplying it by millions can make a huge difference.

Simple Insight

Our content has helped in-country PR teams generate 429 pieces of coverage for the first two key campaigns, with key message delivery as high as 77 per cent. It’s also supported social media teams across the region reach key audiences, with engagement rates of up to 6.8 per cent. This compares to an industry average of about 2 per cent.


We embarked on a campaign to uncover the challenges faced by leaders from Belfast to Bucharest and Malmö to Mombasa, spanning 33 countries, three continents and many private and public industries. We authored the IT peripherals are no longer peripheral report along with media materials illustrating how inkjet printers can slash energy bills and why scanners represent the doorway to digitalisation.

We also provide a constant supply of PR assets, social media content and campaign materials to support the ongoing innovation Epson delivers each day. This is all underlined by corporate messaging for the region.

Simple Solution

“Five not 10 understands what makes our audiences tick and how to tell a compelling, simple story that gets cut through.”

Ayleen Dunbar

PR & Social Media Manager, Epson Europe

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