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Forescout delivers automated cybersecurity across the digital terrain. It allows an organisation to see every connected device it has, whether that’s a laptop, CCTV camera, piece of manufacturing equipment or even a heart monitor. It can then flag vulnerabilities in the software on those devices (of which there are many) and stop hackers.

In short, Forescout can help mitigate against criminals holding businesses to ransom, or other attackers taking control of vital infrastructure. This might include stopping fuel from flowing or tampering with water purification. Our challenge is to help Forescout translate the details of potential risks in software into compelling storylines that make leaders act.

The Challenge


Highlighting the hidden risks within connected devices

People often don’t grasp the importance of vulnerabilities sitting within the devices that keep our economy and society going. They only react when they can see the consequences: the CCTV camera that lets in a hacker or the MRI scanner that’s shut down in a hospital, putting lives at risk.

Simple Insight

In the first 10 months of working with Forescout, we’ve helped the business announce some of the biggest discoveries in device vulnerability. We’ve enabled national media to paint a picture of what this could lead to, and we’ve positioned the company’s spokespeople as go-to commentators. We’ve had 78 pieces of coverage to date, of which 33 per cent were in tier one titles.


We turn risks into realities, painting a picture of why threats matter. We turn detailed technical understanding and analysis into stories that illustrate what could, and is, happening around the world. This includes research into the riskiest devices used by thousands of organisations, and the reality of how lives and livelihoods can be changed forever by flawed software on a seemingly harmless bit of every-day kit.

Simple Solution

"We were keen to work with Five not 10 for their expertise in the cybersecurity market. We’re a complex business and need simple stories to tell, which the team’s helped us craft. The results have been fantastic, and we’re delighted to entrust our UK PR to the agency."

Rebecca Cradick

Former Director of Global PR and Social Media, Forescout

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