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Matrix Booking

Matrix Booking is a workplace management specialist offering desk, meeting room and resource booking software along with visitor management and analytics capabilities.

It’s been at the forefront of helping businesses manage their real estate and assets in a work anywhere world – before, during and in the aftermath of the pandemic. Today, it needs to increase brand awareness, and make its offering a strategic issue rather than a tactical response to shifting work patterns.

The Challenge

Matrix Booking

The pandemic is a distant memory. The real problems businesses face are soaring costs, low productivity and the need for sustainability. All have a serious impact at a board level. Facilities managers are uniquely placed to address these concerns.

They can minimise the cost and maximise the value of offices, offer employees the space and resources they need to collaborate and complete work faster, and reduce environmental impact. Our campaign aims to champion these experts.

Simple Insight

We increased Matrix Booking’s facilities management media coverage by 33 per cent in 2023, compared to the previous year. We also boosted coverage in enterprise and workplace management titles by a factor of four in the same period.

The result is businesses are more likely to make important decisions about office occupancy and planning with Matrix Booking in mind. In fact, a large legal firm approached the company for a joint initiative having seen our PR output.


We make facilities managers the star of the show, supported by their trusted advisors at Matrix Booking. This is achieved by showcasing their strategic work through case study development, media relations and award entries. We align our work to the sales team's efforts in specific markets such as the public sector.

We also pen endless thought leadership to offer new thinking that reimagines the workplace, published in industry titles and on spokespeople’s LinkedIn feeds. In doing so, Matrix Booking can elevate facilities managers while highlighting solutions.

Simple Solution

“The team at Five not 10 has provided Matrix Booking with outstanding service. From the outset, they demonstrated a remarkable level of professionalism, attentiveness, and expertise. Not only do they deliver on time, to any deadline, but they are also responsive to my needs every step of the way.”

Hayley Russell

Marketing Manager, Matrix Booking

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