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Silicon Reef

Silicon Reef is helping enterprises embrace remote working with Microsoft 365 technologies. To reach its key audience of tech, HR and business leaders, it’s adopted messaging that illustrates how it’s helping people to "work happy". It needed support getting this in front of a wider audience through media relations, cementing its position as a thought leader, not just a tech expert.

The Challenge

Silicon Reef

Establishing a powerful voice on remote working for a growing business

If Silicon Reef is helping people "work happy" it implies they’re currently unhappy. We used this drama to create compelling stories that show how the brand can help solve its client’s and prospect’s challenges.

Simple Insight

19 pieces of coverage in just three months. Articles placed in key titles including HR Magazine, Personnel Today and many more.


An ongoing campaign of proactive media relations and content creation that taps into the problems leaders want fixed. From ingrained cultures that limit change to attacks on remote workers, and debate about the Metaverse, we’ve positioned Silicon Reef as the business that’s here to help organisations innovate and succeed.

Simple Solution

"Five not 10 hit the ground running and understood the need to make an impact quickly. As a specialist in a growing sector, we’ve been able to punch far above our weight with them on our side. The content is excellent, written with clarity and flair. The coverage has flowed in as a result. Their simple and effective approach means we can trust them implicitly."

Alex Graves

CEO, Silicon Reef

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