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UiPath creates automation software. This allows the creation of a ‘robot’ to mimic the actions of someone using a computer. Put simply, the software uses applications, the mouse and keyboard like a human – but virtually. It reads and understands what’s on the screen and does the copying and pasting. It enters data into databases, updates records and saves files. It’s like having a computer-generated worker.

To the uninitiated, it can sound complicated. And once you begin to understand the idea, people might think it will take their jobs. Our challenge was to make the software understandable, allay fears and show the huge benefits it can offer. Such as freeing people from drudgery and allowing them to do more interesting work, while boosting the fortunes of the organisations they work for.

The Challenge


Bringing software robots to life on the page

When you see automation working for some of the world’s biggest brands, it suddenly becomes clear, while dispelling myths and misunderstandings.

Simple Insight

Our content has fuelled lead generation activity across Europe, the Middle East and further afield.


We’ve authored endless real-life stories for UiPath, told through the voice of its customers to explain in simple terms what they did and how it worked. We avoid complexity, jargon and detail, opting for emotion, advice and relatable anecdotes to spark lightbulb moments with audiences. We tell the truth about challenges – and how to overcome them. We show the reality of automation and how it’s played an often invisible role to boost organisations in good times and rescue them in when facing crises.

Simple Solution

“Five not 10 produces consistently great content for UiPath. The team really understands our sector and how to turn client case studies into digestible stories that deliver impact. We’re very happy to be working with them.”

Kirsty Stead

Marketing Director, Northern Europe, UiPath

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