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Five things… to consider when speaking to the media

Updated: Apr 22

By Lynsey Barry:

In the first of our ‘Five things’ series, we are delving into the world of media interviews. I have trained many spokespeople over the years from police officers to data analysts to CEOs. Whatever your background, experience or job title there are five key things you should keep front of mind when speaking to the media.

radio microphone in a studio

1. Be prepared

This is not the time to wing it. Make sure you know the journalist, the publication and the subject matter.

2. Keep it simple

In the words of Albert Einstein: If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough”. Pick your key messages, and repeat, repeat, repeat.

3. Have confidence

Whatever the journalist or publication, you are the expert. Be confident in what you have to say.

4. Give clarity

Transmit your expertise in context. Get your message across clearly and in the setting of the interview, publication and the readers. Start at the end. Make your point first and then substantiate it. Don’t answer with long preambles or use jargon. Remember, keep it simple.

5. Take control

Set and stick to your agenda. No matter how the interviewer may try and derail you, stick to your story. Learn how to bridge away from a difficult question. Remember, pick your messages then repeat, repeat, repeat (see what I did there!).

One more thing

Don’t be afraid of being interviewed by the media. It is a brilliant way to get your brand or organisation in front of your target audience. Follow our five things and you’ll be handling media interviews like a pro in no time.

For more tips, tricks and to practice your technique, do get in touch.


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