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New whitepaper: making quantum technology a “now” issue

By Pat Southwell:

If you’re a leader in the quantum technology industry, you’ll want to download our new whitepaper: making quantum technology a “now” issue.


It tackles head-on the biggest PR challenge all businesses in the sector face: complexity.


It’s a topic that can be hard to fathom. The very word “quantum” strikes fear into lots of people – even some journalists. The shutters come down. Glazed expressions appear. The subject gets changed.


Whitepaper cover page

To overcome this, leaders begin trying to describe the physics in simple terms. But as Richard Feynman once said about the quantum electrodynamics work that won him the Nobel Prize, if it were possible to describe it in a few sentences, it wouldn’t have been worth a Nobel Prize.

The whitepaper urges leaders not to be distracted trying to explain something that normally requires a PhD in language that can’t possibly be achieved.


Instead, it outlines five steps that will help them communicate effectively via journalists to decision-makers. And the biggest piece of advice is to stop focussing on the technology and start shouting about the business case.


This requires a shift in communications from theory to indispensable value. It might feel counterintuitive to those on the front line of the industry, but to commercialise this revolutionary technology, businesses need to talk the language their audiences speak.


And now’s the time to act. Because in the words of the BBC’s Mark Urban on Newsnight earlier this year, quantum is going to, “Finish off microprocessors as surely as steamships left sailing clippers in their wake.”


Download the whitepaper to learn more.


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