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AI for B2B PR

By Pat Southwell:

What a headline. I never imagined in my wildest dreams I’d use three acronyms like that in quick succession. There’s a first time for everything.


So, what’s this blog all about? Let’s unpack it. Firstly, by considering AI. You’ll all know what it can do: personalise online shopping, drive autonomous vehicles, help banks spot fraud as it’s happening.


More recently, generative AI is allowing people everywhere to create articles from a few written prompts or generate videos from a couple of well-crafted sentences.


This has quickly become something consumer PR agencies use in their work. Some of our team recently attended an event run by The Peeps, a creative agency that’s been using AI for a few years.


In the space of two frenetic, high-octane hours, we saw some fascinating examples. There were campaigns that recreated paintings from old masters, reimagined for the future. Immersive art exhibitions to mimic the feel of a brand. The first gin created using an AI-generated recipe. An AI-powered virtual museum curator to guide guests.


But there’s a bit of a disconnect with generative AI when it comes to B2B PR. We often deal with thought leadership, hard-hitting news and complex issues. How can AI help in this context? It might be easy to think it’s confined to improving our processes.


But that’s not all.


Laptop with ChatGPT loaded up

There’s so much more to AI for B2B PR. We need to stop thinking about it in the narrow sense of writing articles or helping us measure the sentiment of coverage. In short, we can learn a huge amount from consumer PR.


For example, if we’ve written a report about the future of work, train AI on the content to create a video showing the office of the future. If we’ve written an eBook on the reality of where cyber threats come from, get AI to create true-to-life images of what hackers actually look like so we never again have to see an article illustrated by a man in a hoodie in a darkened room, hunched over a screen covered in code.


Get a company at the forefront of AI to appoint a Chief AI Officer, which is actually an avatar using AI trained on the content it publishes. The creative possibilities are endless.


It’s time the B2B PR world started to embrace AI in its work more often. It’ll add richness to stories, make business arguments more compelling and help brighten what can sometimes be seen as the consumer world’s grown up, duller brother.


And maybe, just maybe, AI could come up with a better headline than the one I’ve used. 


What’s that ChatGPT? You suggest, “Unlocking the Power of AI in B2B PR: Moving Beyond the Acronyms to Transform Strategies and Storytelling?” Hmm, perhaps not, Chatty, me old pal. Bit wordy. And what’s with all the capital letters?


But the point remains. With the right ideas, great prompts and the best AI, there’s so much we could do.


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