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Five things… to know about working at a virtual PR agency

By Esme (age 15):

Last week, we welcomed a new face to the (virtual) office. Esme joined us from her secondary school on work experience. From meetings and media list research to pitch practice and coverage tracking, it’s safe to say Esme’s seen enough spreadsheets to last a lifetime.

With her parents being teachers, they typically spend the majority of their time working out of the house. But last week, Esme had a taste of what life is like at a virtual workplace. Whilst plenty of agencies offer hybrid working, at Five not 10 we’ve gone the whole hog – in fact, we’re the only team that’s featured in PR Week’s “Bubbling Under” table to describe itself as a virtual agency.

But that’s enough from us. Over to Esme to share the five things she’s learnt about life at a virtual PR agency:

Virtual meeting on a laptop

1. It’s a relaxing way to begin your day

I only have to go downstairs to find my office. I think not rushing sets you up with a good mood for the day. Then you have more energy for later on too.

2. More flexibility and comfort

Being online is easy, convenient and means you can create a nice environment to work in. I feel like in an office or workplace, you’ve got the bare minimum of what you need, because businesses don’t want to spend lots of money. So, you don’t get things unless you specifically request them. At home, you can set it up exactly how you like it. I’ve had tea and coffee when I want and taken breaks to get up and move around.

3. Meeting face-to-face still matters

It is still important to meet face-to-face every now and then, but the majority of work can be completed online.

4. Regular meetings are key

I felt like at the start of the week, I wasn’t expecting to have meetings at certain times. But we’ve had daily meetings every morning. These were so useful because they set us up for the day and you get to talk to everyone. We all have a conversation, you say what you’re doing for the day, and it gets you in the mood for work.

5. Expect the unexpected

It was interesting to sit on a client call to see the language that’s used. At the beginning of the week, I thought there would be a certain type of client, but it’s a much wider spread, making it much more interesting.

“Before I tried PR this week, I had a very vague idea of what was actually included in this job.” Esme added. “But learning about it through my work experience, it’s now become a possible option as a career path, particularly within a virtual agency where you can enjoy the benefits of working from home.”

Well Esme, if you do decide to pursue a career in PR, there will always be a home for you at Five not 10.


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