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Why PR is more important than ever

By Alex Miarli:

We’re now one month into 2024. Enter February. Yet, to me, February has always been that oddball month.


After all, it’s the shortest month of the year, it’s not quite spring but daffodils bloom and it has that sneaky extra ‘r’ that nobody ever seems to pronounce! But more often than not, it’s a month that sees the most well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions fail. The running shoes start gathering dust, salads wilt in the fridge and half-hearted attempts to learn a new language disappear. I mean, who needs to know what “¿Dónde está la biblioteca?” means?!


Yet, there's one resolution in the B2B-scape that must instead pick up steam from February and not fizzle out – PR.


From the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank to the ITV Holly and Phil drama, 2023 proved that PR is not just a passing well-intentioned resolution, but a vital part of any business. In fact, it’s now more important than ever in 2024.


Using PR to manage a crisis

So, let’s start with something that highlighted the dire need for PR in 2023. With a crisis.


A crisis can arise for anyone, at any moment. And in the age of social media and the 24-hour news cycle, it can spread like wildfire. Bungling a crisis, or not handling it correctly, can also make matters worse and have a severe impact on your business as well as your reputation.


Enter PR. Specifically, a PR agency adept at handling a crisis.


Partnering with the right PR professionals can help you prepare for a crisis before it unfolds, protecting your brand’s reputation all year long. PR helps you to weather the storm if one arises and helps to communicate the right message. As communicating it incorrectly can lead to a royal mess – as Prince Harry and Meghan found out last year.


As highlighted in our previous blog about crisis management, being prepared is the step most organisations miss.


But that’s not the only reason why PR is more important than ever.

Window display promoting Prince Harry's memoir next Bella Mackie's How to Kill Your Family
Prince Harry's memoir on display. Credit: Bert's Books via PA Media
"It’s the best way to cut through the noise and get noticed. Through quality content, PR professionals target specific niches using a very particular set of skills."

PR helps to tell your story

Yes, PR can help protect your reputation, but that essentially starts with the story you’re trying to tell. And in a digital landscape, where trust is fragile, PR is key.


It’s not about spinning tales or concocting elaborate fantasies, no matter what Peter Capaldi’s Malcolm Tucker has led you to believe; it’s about unearthing the genuine essence of your brand. Your story.


PR is simply the storyteller – not of fairy tales – but of real, authentic narratives that captivate, resonate and stand up to scrutiny. It can transform your brand from a mere product or service into an emotional experience that resonates with your audience on a personal level.


When it comes to B2B, the right PR agency can provide a way to tell your story, communicated through sourced and trusted channels, all designed to build credibility and an authentic narrative.


PR can cut through the noise

Now, getting that story out there requires content. Quality content at that. And it’s no secret that content is king. But we live in a world that’s overloaded with information, saturated further by social media. As a result, people don’t have the time or the attention span to take heed of everything.


Standing out is now an art. How? PR.


It’s the best way to cut through the noise and get noticed. Through quality content, PR professionals target specific niches using a very particular set of skills; skills acquired over a very long career; skills that make them a godsend for people like you.


And much like Liam Neeson in Taken, PR agencies work tirelessly against the clock to identify and engage with the right audience in relevant media outlets to ensure that your message cuts seamlessly through to your target audience. Like a hot knife to butter.


Indeed, when publishing high-quality content with a simple yet clear message through reputable media outlets, you’ll also enhance your organisation’s standing as a reliable source of information. A perfect way to gain more trust from potential customers and partners while setting yourself apart from your competitors.

PR turns visibility into valuable leads

All this can culminate into leads.

The Dude (Jeff Bridges), Walter (John Goodman), and Donny (Steve Buscemi) at the bowling alley.
The Dude (Jeff Bridges), Walter (John Goodman) & Donny (Steve Buscemi) at the bowling alley. Credit: Working Title Films


While “You got any promising leads?” is something PR agencies hear a lot, unlike the 1998 cult classic The Big Lebowski, PR does provide a more definitive ending: leading to business growth.


Yet, it’s not just about getting your company’s name in the media, it’s about creating a buzz the right way. That resonates. The key, therefore, lies in adopting an integrated approach, where compelling content serves as the core, and various channels work collectively to drive engagement and visibility to result in a lead.


After all, advertising as we know it is dead, so the most logical approach to promoting your business in 2024 lies in genuine messages, delivered by PR professionals and journalists through an integrated campaign.

The ever-growing importance of PR

The New Year’s Resolutions that often falter by February do so because they feel overwhelming. A few weeks in and the thought of doing it all year can be tough. Trust me, I get it.


But PR, particularly with a focus on simplicity and authenticity, should be no fleeting resolution. It’s the investment that keeps on giving; the one that builds trust, drives leads, and ultimately, helps your business thrive.


So, let’s ditch the complicated and embrace the simple. Let’s tell your story and cut through the noise. Let’s make PR the resolution that sticks, not just for February, but for the whole damn year.


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