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We’re the B2B tech PR agency obsessed with simplicity

Why say something in 10 words when five will do? 

Make it simple, move it forward.

“We have a strong story to tell. Our work is crucial – and saves lives. We need to use that to our advantage to increase brand awareness and educate the market. Five not 10 has helped us find simple and effective stories to make an impact.”

Niklas Adamsson

“Five not 10 understands what makes our audiences tick and how to tell a compelling, simple story that gets cut through.”

“Working with Five not 10 is fantastic. We’ve never had such momentum with our PR and the content is always great. The team has become an asset to the marketing mix. What’s more, they always listen and respond to requests, such as focussing on certain media and topics.”


We know that less is more:


The best ideas are the simplest. They cut to the chase, have a razor-sharp focus and are instantly effective. In a world where we are surrounded by complexity, simple is the ultimate sophistication. It removes barriers, streamlines communications and speeds progress.


We identify what’s slowing you down; what’s stopping you from achieving results.


We introduce a simple strategy to overcome these barriers. Then we get stuff done and make progress. Sometimes it might be a giant leap forward. Other times, constant small steps. How fast do you want to go?


PR that will get to the point quickly and make an impact.


Everyone strives to make things simple. In all sectors. In all industries. Whatever the goal. Our approach as a B2B PR agency includes media relations, content, social, digital and design. Many channels, many influencers – delivered simply.


Five Not 10.

Our founders have been in the industry for 20 years. They’ve worked on award-winning campaigns, but have also seen great ideas over complicated. They’ve had enough. They’re fighting for something different. They simply want to make it easy for brands to succeed.

We're not just bubbling under... we're making waves. Our simple approach is cutting through the noise to create B2B PR content that resonates.

The next big thing

“The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook”


William James

Who we've worked for

Our favourite brands are those who are brave enough to be bold. Taking a simple approach isn’t easy. But it is always the right thing to do. Our founders have been lucky enough to work with 100s of inspiring organisations across many sectors, some of which are:

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